Tired mummy needs a break

Tired, exhausted, worn out, drained, stuffed, knackered…. Any of these sound familiar? Well they know me front to back and back to front. Having kids has blown ‘busy’ out of the water. Really what did l do before l had children? Can l even remember? Looking back l thought l was busy then. What a joke. I mean going to work, coming home only having to carry in your handbag from the car, going to the fridge for a drink, sitting down and putting your feet up. Hmm will l do a load of washing or file my nails? Tough choice.

In hindsight, life was pretty easy back then. Ahh the sleep ins. They feel like a distant memory now. Oh how l would love a sleep in these days until 8am. I can’t believe in my pre children years l could sleep in until 11am on a day off! Really? 11am. Bloody hell get over yourself (self now talking to younger self). I crave for just that little longer peace & quiet before the circus begins. Just one more minute…. and then…. hi mum I’m hungry…. mum can you come and play with me…. mum l need to go to the toilet…. mum…. mum…mummmmmm! (Sigh). Here we go again. Ground hog day.

Don’t get me wrong, l love my kids. They drive me crazy but keep me sane. They can make me so frustrated but shower me in joy. They are the best thing that ever happened to me.  Did l tell you how much l love my kids?

Tiredness can become overwhelming and can lead to exhaustion. You need to look after yourself as you need to look after your kids. What’s that? Did l hear you say self care? I’m going to say it again. Self care. Do it. Look after yourself. Love yourself. Whether it be having alone time in the shower to a refreshing morning walk on your own, make the time because your kids will thank you for it.  Even a cup of your favourite tea. This is my saviour in the mornings. A cup of earl grey tea with honey to start the day.  Each day find time for self care and it will lift your spirits , increase your energy and give you a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day.

To all the tired mummies, it will get better but start looking after yourself now. Speaking of tired…. sweet dreams 💜💙💚








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