The look of Love

When l look into my children’s eyes, l see love


When they are giving me a cuddle, l feel love


Listening to them say l love you, l hear love


When l cuddle them back, l do love


Watching them play, l see love


Knowing that they are forever mine, l feel love


Talking like there is no tomorrow, l hear love


Reading to them in bed at night, l do love


Wiping the snot from their noses, l see love


Catching poo in the bath, l feel love


Hearing ‘mum’ 954 times a day, l hear love 


When you share your ice-cream, l do love


Crying in the corner because l can’t ‘mum’ just now, l feel love


Knowing my life will never be the same again, l feel love


Giving them my all, l DO love


Fiona Chapman

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