Acceptance in Motherhood

As a mum, acceptance into the world of good enough parenting is what you would like. To be accepted for who you are as a person is empowering; hair done or not done, make up on or off, married, single etc.  You want to be yourself. You wanted to be liked, loved and be seen as a good person. You hope that people will see you as a ‘good parent’. In reality this is not going to happen all of the time.

In today’s world women are judged on just about everything and parenting is way up there. It doesn’t help that a lot you hear and read also supports this notion. No wonder we have a high rate of anxiety and post natal depression. There is a wide variety of normal. Why can’t acceptance of others be automatic? What gives us the right to judge people (unless abuse is obvious) and push our opinions and beliefs upon them?

From the mummy at the group who seems to have it all together to the stranger watching your child have a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket – all will have different opinions. Some will be in align with yours and some not. Don’t doubt yourself. You are doing ok. Yes it’s hard but only you know how you parent and good enough is good enough. Walk with your head high.


Hold onto your supporters and let go of the haters and people who make you feel worthless. Suck up those people who make you warm and fuzzy like a vacuum. Don’t let them go because they are going to need you just as much as you need them.

In my profession, mums have taught me a lot and l am very thankful for them allowing me into their life and sharing their parenting journey with me. It took me a while to realise that I’m not the expert. They are. If it works do it, if it doesn’t change it and let’s work together based on your values and beliefs to help you achieve your goals.

“Those who treat you well will be your guiding light through the tunnel of the unknown”


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3 Replies to “Acceptance in Motherhood”

  1. Beautiful post! We really do need to need to accept ourselves and where we’re at. I’m not a mum, but I am a hot mess of an entrepreneur most if not every day. It is what it is, this is me, busy and devoted to this thing I’m trying to build.

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