Labour questions to ask your health care providers in pregnancy – a midwives perspective

The definition of labour is; “work, especially physical work” ( Labour in childbirth is certainly a physical workout but it needs a much broader description. These are the words l would add to the description of labour: ‘painful, excruciating, intense, amazing, life changing, anxiety provoking, awkward’ and I’m sure there are many more we could add.

Questions about the impending labour need to be asked to decrease our fear and allay our anxieties. The more prepared we are, the more we are able to deal with the event itself as we feel more confident and empowered. I always remember and tell pregnant women;


Power in labour

Pregnancy is a time of excitement, fear, anxiety, happiness and l bet you could name a lot more as stated above in my definition. I think l have experienced every emotion known to man during my labours. Labouring women that l have cared for experience similar and different emotions depending on their circumstances but all concur that it’s one hell of a rollercoaster ride. You can compare labour to parenting except it’s at time warp speed instead of spread over the rest of your life. Everyone’s experience of pregnancy is different and unique.

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