It takes a Village to parent

I’m sure you have all heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child?

Well it’s true. As a parent you can do it by yourself but it is damn hard. Support from others is the fundamental underpinning of your parenting. Without it your physical, emotional and psychological well being are at risk. We need others help.

Parenting is fulfilling yet emotionally and physically stressful. We need to know that there are others out there who will have our back if needed.

It doesn’t have to be just family. It can be family and friends and other professionals. Your village can expand all over the world but the people closest to you will be your best source of help, guidance and support.

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As a parent l am grateful

As l write this l am having a glass of wine and shedding a tear. You feel a hole in your stomach. 

When others that are close to you going through a hard time it grabs at your heart. When they are a parent with young kids you can relate more.

You remember just how lucky you are. 

You have your life, your health, beautiful children. What more could you ask for?

Life can be tough and as l write this the tears are welling.  But I’m thankful l have had all the experiences in my life. Good and bad. Without them l would not be where l am today and have my 2 beautiful children. To any parent, they are your life, your world. 

I am actually stuck for words tonight. Ok that could be the wine.

Empathy; don’t underestimate its value. Empathising with others is such a valuable tool and it validates the way others are feeling. 

You can put on a brave face, smile, laugh but your heart can be aching inside and your mind racing at a million miles a minute. As a mum l think l can experience 100 emotions a minute. My kids drive me crazy but keep my sanity. They wear me out but give me energy. 

I don’t want to seem as though I’m negative but life is bloody hard. Love the life you have. If it’s not working for you though change it. You only get one chance. I know that’s easier said than done but it’s true. Some things are out of your control. Work with your supporters, set goals, don’t let the negatives win.

You will get through it, you give it your best and it works out or it may not turn out like you wanted but you tried your best. 

Mums this is like parenting. Give it your all, give it your best. That’s all you can do. Look after yourself because you are worth it.
Inspired by my mummy friend Leah 💙💚❤️💜

Holiday at the Supermarket 

Well ok the holiday was only an hour but it felt like a day to me. Time out from the sick clingy 1 year old because if l didn’t I’m sure my nipples were about to fall off. (I’m not kidding). They are his best source of comfort but they are certainly not mine. Don’t get me wrong l love breastfeeding and support any woman in how she chooses to feed her child, but when it’s nearly continuous, you ask yourself how much more can you & your boobs take?

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The look of Love

When l look into my children’s eyes, l see love


When they are giving me a cuddle, l feel love


Listening to them say l love you, l hear love


When l cuddle them back, l do love


Watching them play, l see love


Knowing that they are forever mine, l feel love


Talking like there is no tomorrow, l hear love


Reading to them in bed at night, l do love


Wiping the snot from their noses, l see love


Catching poo in the bath, l feel love


Hearing ‘mum’ 954 times a day, l hear love 


When you share your ice-cream, l do love


Crying in the corner because l can’t ‘mum’ just now, l feel love


Knowing my life will never be the same again, l feel love


Giving them my all, l DO love


Fiona Chapman

Sleep and Settling Tips – an easy guide

In my personal and professional experience there are certain themes that take precedence over others when it comes to parenting. The top ones include Sleep & Settling and Feeding your baby. Actually not only your babies but also toddlers. This post will focus on sleep and settling.


Im not going to tell you how to settle your baby and how long Bub should sleep for. What I’m going to tell you is explore a variety of strategies, pick the ones that you feel comfortable with and implement them how you feel best able to do so. You are the expert of your own child. Do what works best for you, your child and your family. What works for one family may not work for another.

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Give me Strength

You need a lot of strength to be a parent that’s for sure. There are days particularly when more strength than normal is needed. Today was one of them. It’s so difficult to see your kids sick. It’s also difficult looking after yourself when your kids are sick. Even worse when you are sick yourself! The sheer willpower, determination and strength you need to get through that day would be comparative to jumping off a high rise building. And today… landing flat on my face. Yep it was not a good day.

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Tired mummy needs a break

Tired, exhausted, worn out, drained, stuffed, knackered…. Any of these sound familiar? Well they know me front to back and back to front. Having kids has blown ‘busy’ out of the water. Really what did l do before l had children? Can l even remember? Looking back l thought l was busy then. What a joke. I mean going to work, coming home only having to carry in your handbag from the car, going to the fridge for a drink, sitting down and putting your feet up. Hmm will l do a load of washing or file my nails? Tough choice.

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Acceptance in Motherhood

As a mum, acceptance into the world of good enough parenting is what you would like. To be accepted for who you are as a person is empowering; hair done or not done, make up on or off, married, single etc.  You want to be yourself. You wanted to be liked, loved and be seen as a good person. You hope that people will see you as a ‘good parent’. In reality this is not going to happen all of the time.

In today’s world women are judged on just about everything and parenting is way up there. It doesn’t help that a lot you hear and read also supports this notion. No wonder we have a high rate of anxiety and post natal depression. There is a wide variety of normal. Why can’t acceptance of others be automatic? What gives us the right to judge people (unless abuse is obvious) and push our opinions and beliefs upon them?

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My beginning pregnancy journey

It was Mother’s Day 2010 and my husband Scott and l were renovating our new house. Hmm no period…  Surely not…. First month of trying…. No way.  Well YES way! The pregnancy test was positive. I still remember that moment in time running down the back yard with the pregnancy test to show Scott. I’m not even sure if l had any pants on! Anyways the joy, excitement and anxiety l felt at the same time was overwhelming. This is what l always wanted & my dream to become a mother had come true.

Fast forward two weeks. Hmm a small amount of blood loss that morning sent my anxiety skyrocketing. Trying not to worry too much as l was at work, l got through the day but when l got home the bleeding worsened. My worst fears were coming true. I was losing my baby. Being a practicing midwife at the time l struggled between my professional knowledge and personal experience. Ok l was only 6 weeks, only early in pregnancy. Best it happen now than later on. My heart at the same time was aching for the baby l had longed for. It didn’t matter at what stage l was, all of my hopes and dreams of motherhood were being crushed.

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