Long days

When your at home even for a whole day with your kids it can feel like a bloody long day. Add anxiety, depression or illness to the mix & it can seem like an eternity.

Ok how do we get through this? Remembering that our kids are only young for a short time? Doesn’t help in the moment. Knowing you won’t feel like crap forever? Still doesn’t help the present moment.

All l can do is breathe. One thing that my years of yoga has taught me is how to breathe & be present in the moment. You are alive & your kids are alive. Love yourself as much as you love them and you will be able to get through the day.

Talk to a friend. One that will support you & loves you & your kids. I know you don’t feel like it but just one laugh, one smile & l positive comment can make a huge difference. The thing is your not alone.

Mums take a stand together. Work together. Don’t take each other down. We all want to be happy & have a fulfilling life. It takes courage and determination to be a parent and you have this. You’ve got it. Just find that mojo and you will get through the day & then the next and the next….

Seeking help from professionals if needed is a strength not a weakness & can guide you in your parenting journey. Contact your local Doctor, Child & Family Health Nurse or counsellor. Do this for you. You are worth it & your kids will love you for it.

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