Give me Strength

You need a lot of strength to be a parent that’s for sure. There are days particularly when more strength than normal is needed. Today was one of them. It’s so difficult to see your kids sick. It’s also difficult looking after yourself when your kids are sick. Even worse when you are sick yourself! The sheer willpower, determination and strength you need to get through that day would be comparative to jumping off a high rise building. And today… landing flat on my face. Yep it was not a good day.

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Tired mummy needs a break

Tired, exhausted, worn out, drained, stuffed, knackered…. Any of these sound familiar? Well they know me front to back and back to front. Having kids has blown ‘busy’ out of the water. Really what did l do before l had children? Can l even remember? Looking back l thought l was busy then. What a joke. I mean going to work, coming home only having to carry in your handbag from the car, going to the fridge for a drink, sitting down and putting your feet up. Hmm will l do a load of washing or file my nails? Tough choice.

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Acceptance in Motherhood

As a mum, acceptance into the world of good enough parenting is what you would like. To be accepted for who you are as a person is empowering; hair done or not done, make up on or off, married, single etc.  You want to be yourself. You wanted to be liked, loved and be seen as a good person. You hope that people will see you as a ‘good parent’. In reality this is not going to happen all of the time.

In today’s world women are judged on just about everything and parenting is way up there. It doesn’t help that a lot you hear and read also supports this notion. No wonder we have a high rate of anxiety and post natal depression. There is a wide variety of normal. Why can’t acceptance of others be automatic? What gives us the right to judge people (unless abuse is obvious) and push our opinions and beliefs upon them?

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